Incorporated in 1968, Society for the Aged Sick (“SAS”) is a not-for-profit nursing home with a licensed bed capacity of 407. The Home provides residential and respite care services to those in need of daily skilled nursing care and/or assistance in activities of daily living, and who cannot be cared for at home, particularly for the less privileged.

We provide a range of services to meet the needs of our residents. They include medical care, nursing care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, dietary services and dental care. Our social service team together with dedicated volunteers, also provide emotional support and organize activities that help them lead more meaningful and enriching lives.

Our Key Programmes & Services


Our Nursing Care staff are at the forefront and lead the way in providing quality care for our residents suffering from problems of ageing and chronic sickness. Over 95% of our residents are either wheelchair-bound or bed-bound and need assistance with basic activities of daily living. Their clinical care needs include pain management, continence management, fall prevention, skin care, pressure ulcers, coping with decline vision and hearing, oral hygiene and nutrition.


Medical Social Workers play an important role in providing residents and their families with the psychosocial support needed to cope with their chronic illness. They provide patient education and counselling to help the residents come to terms with their medical condition, their infirmity and their situation. They initiate conversations around the extent of care and help their families understand and respect the individual’s wishes about his or her life-sustaining options.


Rehabilitation is an important component of long-term care at SAS. Our physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy programs aim to restore function or enhance residual functional capability in our elderly residents, particularly those with disabling impairment and/or frailty. By focusing on function and well-being, and not exclusively on disease, rehabilitation can assist in preserving functional independence and improving the quality of life for our residents.


Our Corporate and Community Relations (CCR) programmes help to connect our residents to the community, with the design of volunteer programs aimed at meeting the social and emotional needs of our residents. These include befriending, festive and birthday celebrations and resident outings. Volunteers have long been our valuable partners in caregiving. Residents benefit from spending time with them, as they lend attention, support and companionship to the residents.


Lend a helping hand to our residents in need